How to delete a Facebook page?2021

How to delete a Facebook page?

hello, friends you are very welcome in the post How to delete a Facebook page. In this article, I will tell you everything related to the Facebook page.

Making a Facebook account is a very easy task but handling it is not an easy task.So many people make their account and other stuff like make a Facebook page.

But sometimes we need to manage all these things efficiently but deleting Facebook pages is a little bit hard to make it.

  • Log into Facebook
  • Go to your Facebook pages
  • Click the page you wish to delete
  • Go to the page settings
  • Click the “Edit” button next to “Remove page”
  • Select “Delete <your page name>
  • Click “Delete page

How To Delete Facebook Page On PC/Laptop?

It is necessary to create a Facebook page and if you have a brand or a company or you are a celebrity, now in this situation.

The name of the Facebook page gets misquoted from us, or sometimes else like we create many pages, after which we can make it Will remove Let’s think that in such a situation,
Many people know how to delete a Facebook page, while it is very easy to create a Facebook page, so let’s first learn how to remove the Facebook page from a computer or laptop.

So If you wanted to delete Your Facebook page then Your need to follow these steps –

Step – 1 (Open Your Facebook Account )

The first thing you need to consider about deleting the Facebook page is only the admin can delete or manage his page, so in the first step, you need to open your Facebook account.

Step – 2 ( Go to Pages Option )

I am providing you a screenshot of every step so you can follow those steps very easily.
In the next step, you need to find the pages option on your Facebook profile and then click it to open.

Step – 3 (Select Your page)

Now here you can see all you Facebook pages after completing the second step, here select your page which you want to delete.

If you made multiple Facebook pages in your Facebook account in this situation click on the name of the Facebook page.Here i am deleting page name Coding Hub which

Step – 4 (open setting Option)

Now you will see settings option on the left buttom corner on your dashboard simply click on this option for next step.

Step – 5 (Click edit on “remove Page ” option)

In this option you will sew a lot of settings for different tasks and if you want to delete or remove your Facebook account then select the last option which is the remove page.

Step – 6 (Delete <Your page Name>)

Now you get a notification to delete your facebook page for deleting faceboook page click on this option .Here in your case your notification looks like that Delete <Your page Name>

Step – 7 (Final Step )

So this the final step to delete your page here you get a pop-up message, select the delete option to Delete your page. Once you click on this blue button Your page will be successfully deleted.

How to delete a Facebook page on mobile.?

Everyone uses a smartphone and they manage all social media platforms by using them so it is necessary to know how to delete a Facebook page using your mobile phone.

This is a very simple task for your if you are reading this blog post so keep with us and follow all these few steps to delete your Facebook page account.

Step 1 –

Once you open your Facebook on your mobile phone then you get a dashboard like that follow the instruction which is given into this step for deleting your page.

How to delete a Facebook page on mobile.?

Step – 2

If You made multiple pages on your Facebook account then here you need to select one which you want to delete.

How to delete a Facebook page on mobile.?

Step 3 –

After selecting your Facebook page you will see a gear button on the top of your page click on this button to open Page setting,

In this setting, you need to select the General setting.

How to delete a Facebook page on mobile.?

Step – 4

Here you will see the Permanently delete <Your page Name > Setting then click on this option to remove Your Facebook page permanently.

How to delete a Facebook page on mobile.?

Step – 5

This is your final step in How to delete a Facebook page on mobile.? here You seeing the blue box write with Delete page .? this is the last confirmation from the Facebook team please click this blue box to delete your page.

Other wise you can cancel It if you want to clear any doubt or something.

How to delete a Facebook page on mobile.?

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Final Word –

Hey friends I hope you must like this post. In this post, you get information about how to delete the Facebook page. So if this post is useful for you then share it with your friends and you will always get many informative posts with this blog so keep in touch Thnx…

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